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Cosmic Dream


From the early time I became interested in art as a young man, I was very aware of the fragile and delicate balance in which my life and that of others interacted as part of a larger and mysterious cosmic way of existence. Two different worlds were revealed in my search for understanding and self expression, one within me and my immediate surroundings, the other one beyond the line of horizon, reaching the other spaces of our world.

JFK's vision at the start of the 60's for a call to open up space and initiate the moon exploration project culminated in the Apollo 11 Moon landing in July 1969. Witnessing this event live in Central Park on that day was a defining moment in my life. It opened up a very large window of imagination and hope for the future of Humanity.  This new venture could help to eventually unite the civilized societies in facing our real challenge, that of our common destiny on this planet and in the rest of the universe.

Historically with our diverse and traditional values, man has not been able to overcome his own psychological and physical gravity and leap out into the symbolic outer space. More and more as people begin to perceive the new space exploration as one of most significant human endeavor, a New World started to offer unlimited perspectives, requiring at the same time a more integrated application of art, science and technology on a grander scale. It was important to me to define this event in creative terms, responding to a new symbol of the human form in an entirely new environment.

Going beyond the illustrative approach, I considered it important, from a creative point of view, to establish a new symbol, a new language of expression, by conveying the communality in the design of our organic system with that of a galactic structure. The abstract concept of my work had to relate to the spiritual meaning and the emotion in the content of this universal character of organic life.

I explore the expression of our spiritual link as humanity with the rest of the universe. As a result, I share with you a large body of work, epical in it’s concept. I find the interaction of the human and his or her space vehicle in the vast cosmic spacescape very inspirational. It is this spiritual experience that will lead to a greater understanding toward the unity of mankind, as one common earth, one planet, one destiny. With this unity the stars await us.


As the early art of the cave people, it shows our human quest for discovering the unknown and the understanding of our relationship with the rest of the universe. Today the art is the means by which this spiritual unity may be achieved.


Devy Wolff

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